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How to use MP3DJ Broadcast Radio Automation Software with Studio365-Live Internet Radio Software

First, create your own internet radio station on

-You will get a username and password once you suscribed to, now your account is ready to start your internet radio broadcast.

-Download the software named Studio365 Live from website, and install in your computer.

Use Studio365 Live software as your broadcast encoder

-Configure Studio365 Live software to broadcast the windows mixer output, so any sound created by the computer will broadcast online, including LineIn and Mic inputs. Levels can be adjusted directly from your windows mixer at any time.

Start your Studio365 Live software and from the top menu select:

Audio Source > External Sources > Wave Mixer Output

Studio365 Live configuration screen shot

At this moment Studio365 Live software is configured to broadcast, the wave mixer output once you press the button "Broadcast" the radio internet broadcast will start inmediatly.

Prepare MP3DJ Broadcast Radio Automation Software to send id3Tag information out to server.

PlayingNow on Live365 button

Send id3Tag information feature of MP3DJ Broadcast Radio Automation Software works sending playing music information in order to keep your broadcast legal, display "Playing Now" information into the radio stations directory and into the Live365 Player, and also make easier to buy the songs played to air.

To set up MP3DJ Broadcast to send song informaion just click the button that says "PlayingNow Live365" one window will show up asking your username and password. Enter your Live365 username and password, then click the CheckBox to "Enabled"

For security reasons MP3DJ software does NOT store password information so you must enter the Live365 username and password every time that a new broadcast session is started.

Now MP3DJ Broadcast sends out information about what you are playing each time that a new song is played, that song information is sent to in order to allow them to display "PlayingNow" information into the player and into their directory.

Make sure to enter UserName and Password Correctly, also check the green CheckBox to be "Enabled"  Response from Live365 server must say "OK". Otherwise will display "ERROR" plus a descriptive error message.

Send id3Tag Information to Live365

Normally id3Tag window works automatically sending current song information.

It can also be used to send custom data, a Live interview or news can be described during the broadcast.

Just enter custom data information using the fields on the form

For example if broadcasting a live interview write in Title Field: Interview With ... Use Artist to enter DJ Name or Interviewer, leave Album and Filename Blank.

Remember to enter an approximated duration in seconds when entering custom data that is the amount of time that the Live365 player will take to refresh and display new PlayingNow data to the current listeners.

How your computer display should look like when broadcasting to with MP3DJ Broadcast Radio Automation Software.

MP3DJ Broadcast and Studio365 ScreenShot

1. Monitor your audio stream output with Studio365 Live

2. id3Tag Information Window check to be enabled and getting OK response from server

Keep windows mixer open right to hand if you need to set any levels during the broadcast.

Please reffer to MP3DJ Broadcast Radio Automation Software Help for more information on how to use MP3DJ Broadcast for music automation.

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